Practice Information

Welcome to your Medical Home Care Team!

The Care Team Roles & Responsibilities

  • Your care team will coordinate care with:
    • Specialists
    • Other Primary Care Providers
    • Hospitals
    • Home Health
    • Behavioral Health Specialists
    • Public and Private Community Services
  • We will support you in all aspects of your care and will provide self-management tools and educational resources to help insure treatment goals and health issues are met.
  • Team provides evidence-based care
  • Your care team includes Dr Winiger, Yana Dymarskiy our APN, registered nurses, and
    our dietitian as well as support staff including our medical assistant, receptionists and office manager 

Clinical Advice & After Hours Communication:

  • You can reach your care team by calling our office or online through our patient portal
  • For urgent matters, the on-call doctor can be contacted through the after-hours service – Dial our office directly at 847-955-9008.

Patient/Family/Caregiver Role on the Care Team:

  • Call us before going to the Emergency Room or let us know as soon as possible that you have been to the ER or urgent care
  • When you go elsewhere for care, such as a specialist office or are seen out of town, please notify outside providers  of our contact information for communication back to your doctor and let our Care Team know so we can obtain your care information.
  • Stay involved in your health! Our team cares to help you achieve great health—log onto your secure Patient Portal frequently to access communications from our office or follow your health results/records.
  • Please let your care team know any concerns or questions you have regarding your health

About Our Practice:

  • We offer SAME DAY Appointments for Urgent & Non-Urgent Visits
  • We also offer Online Virtual Visits.
  • We encourage scheduling preventative care visits
  • We provide equal access to all patients, regardless of insurance status
  • Transfer Medical Records Point of Contact: Julia Koetz, office manager 

Learn more about Online Virtual Visits

Livewell Patient Portal:

•  Medication Refills Requests •  View Diagnostic/Lab Results and notes
•  Summary of office visits •  Referrals
•  Message your care team •  Patient Education

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